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Language Access - Interpretation and Translation


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Your child's school should communicate with you in your language about your child's education.

This often includes translated documents and a language interpreter for meetings and conversations.

Parent Rights to Language Access

Your child’s school should communicate with you in your language about important information and opportunities for your child, this includes information about:

  • School closures and delays 
  • Registration and enrollment  
  • Grades, academic standards, and graduation 
  • School rules and student discipline 
  • Attendance, absences, and withdrawal 
  • Parent permission for activities or programs 
  • Special education and services for students with disabilities 
  • Opportunities to access programs or services-including highly capable, advanced placement, and English language learner programs 

Language Access Rights Information

You have the right to these services—even if you speak some English and even if your child can speak or read in English.

Requesting Language Services

The interpreter can be requested by a parent or by a PSD staff member.  We encourage you to first contact your child’s school to request immediate support with translation and interpretation needs.

You can access a list of school email addresses here, or email to inquire about services.   

If you receive information that is not in your language, please let the school know you would like it translated in writing or explained orally to you in your language.

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